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Wireless Internet for Home and Business.


Wireless Internet

We provide the connection that suits you


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Wireless Internet

Get the internet connection to suit your needs. Local support by people who understand your unique requirements.

Uncapped Internet

Enjoy internet without the worries of hitting your cap.

Business Internet

Fast unlimited business internet with expert support.

Capped Internet

Affordable options for light users who use less data but want higher speed.

Special Event?

Talk with one of our specialists if you are in need of a custom solution.

Why choose us?

HantamNet offers a unique combination of expert knowledge and local experience. Our Internet services are tailored for local needs and our hosting partners are amongst the foremost providers in South Africa.

Unlike all other internet providers in the area, HantamNet maintains ALL of its own equipment, DOES NOT resell services from other Internet companies, and uses our own local people for both administration and technical purposes. The benefits of an independent service provider that operates and maintains its own equipment are numerous and very evident in the great levels of satisfaction expressed by our clients who know we can provide them with what they want when they want it.

HantamNet’s devotion to our customers is pretty unusual and stems from the fact that we are indeed part of the community. This is our home and we live here. We understand the unique local needs not found in the big city. At HantamNet you can speak to a real person who cares about you.

HantamNet is the no 1 preferred provider in the Hantam