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Something for all you ADSL users on our network. Now you can check your bandwidth usage in an instant. Go ahead, try it. Simply log in with your complete ADSL username and password. On the next page you will se all relevant information. This tool was developed specially so you can be better informed about your bandwidth usage.

HantamNet offers World Class affordable internet connectivity and hosting on some of the most advanced Linux and NT servers in South Africa.

Unlike many other so called "South Africa" hosting companies, HantamNet maintains ALL of its own equipment and DOES NOT buy or rent hosting space from other Internet companies. The benefits of hosting with a company that operates and maintains its own lines and equipment are numerous and very evident in the great levels of satisfaction expressed by our clients who know we can provide them with what they want, when they want it.

When choosing a hosting partner for your company, make sure that they have full control over the systems on which you will be hosted, because if they don't, you the customer and your business will suffer in the long term. If they are but a middle-man for another company, it may be days before problems are attended to.

HantamNet is constantly working on providing its clients with the very latest and best in Internet technology. The HantamNet network utilization NEVER exceeds 60%, thus ensuring our clients with the fastest network connects and transfer speeds possible. With high speed digital lines running into multiple ISP's and Internet Exchanges, HantamNet truly has South Africa and the World covered when it comes to connectivity.

HantamNet's passion for the Internet and computing is not unique, but our devotion to our customers is pretty unusual, and this is evident in the numerous e-mails that we receive on a daily basis from customers commenting on our high levels of service and professionalism.


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