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About HantamNet

HantamNet is a privately held, rapidly growing company founded in 1999. We provide service for customers all over the world.

Our Offices

Our main office is in Calvinia which is situated in the picturesque Northern Cape Province of South Africa (see our postal address below). Our servers are all located in our data center at our head office. South Africa, and in particular the western part, is fast becoming a favoured location for setting up of IT businesses from all over the world due to it comparatively stable weather pattern.

Our data center has multiple connections to all the major African, European and American backbones and has backup generator power. Server downtime is not a problem with HantamNet.

Our postal address is:

P.O. Box 430
South Africa

Our Staff

Our staff consists of a team of experienced helpdesk operators, web developers and network administrators. We were founded with the goal of providing what we ourselves always found so hard to find - a great webhost with fair pricing! We often get asked if our service is "for real" - if there is some sort of catch to our low prices. The answer is no! There is no catch. We simply give what we believe to be a fair price for the services we provide.

Before founding HantamNet, many members of our staff created websites for a living and knew all too well that many of the "extra" features that most companies charge for really don't cost extra at all to provide. We envisioned a webhosting company that was simply happy to have a client's business. A company that didn't feel the need to charge extra for all the features that most users really wanted and needed (php3 access, database support, etc.). Please compare our prices and features with others.

If you still need some time to comparison shop, please feel free to contact us with any questions or special needs that you may have.

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